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Industrial sewing Table and stand in China, yongxi factory
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Sewing Machine Table Stand
Made in China | Factory Price
Sewing Machine Table Stand is made of poly wood and steel stand, top and back covered by Fire-proof PVC, painting, edge laminted by wood, PVC, plastic cover; stand adjustable or fixed, steel thickness: 1.3 / 1.5 MM, with foot pedal; table and stand OEM / custom made for industrial and dometic using, any design is possible.

Sewing Machine Table Stand China



Industrial Sewing Table Features

>> More than 50 industrial type
>> Near 15 kinds of colors
>> Custom Made
>> Your design is possible
>> Strong enough: Plywood
>> Top and back Covered by Fire-proof PVC, painting..
>> Edge laminted by wood, PVC, plastic cover
>> Nice Out-looking
>> Quality Fittings

Industrial Sewing Machine Stand Features

>> More than 10 industrial type
>> Steel Thickness: Export1.50MM, Very strong 1.70MM  
>> Stand adjustable or fixed
>> Quality Fittings
>> Removable or Fixed
>> Your design is possible


Industrial Sewing Table And Stand Description

Table Materials Plywood
Table Edge Finishing PVC, Wood, Post-forming, Ruber Cover
Steel Stand Thickness 1.30 / 1.50 MM
Table Size 120*54*3.8 CM
Package One carton including table and stand
Weight 24KGS / Carton
Production 7 Days / Container
Origin Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Delivery Port Ningbo / Shanghai
Quantity / Container 420 PCS/1*20" GP Container,
1020 PCS/1*40"HQ Container.


  Industrial sewing Machine table and stand models:

JACK5550, SIRUBA-LH-18,KM-250, JK-20U, 101, 757,747,818,8500, 8700,8720,9280,1110A, 1850,

JACK768,GEM2000-1M, JK-8568, jack 795, JUKI5550, JUKI6714,JUKI6714, JK-801, SIRUBA007, SIRUBA 757K, SISRUBA VC008,SIRUBA8500,9280, T828, PEGASUS500/600/700...


Sewing Machine Table Stand China
Sewing Machine Table Stand China



































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